where is tilt ?

tilt lumiere

Winter time has started! All of our lights are travelling in every corner of France and all the way to the UK and China, just choose where you'd like to go... Wishing you a nice and cosy Winter!



  tilt luminaires epernay

The Lampounettes will be in the streets of Epernay to celebrate the 19th edition of Habits de Lumière the 14th, 15th and 16th December, come join us!



 tilt luminaires cergy

Lampshade Bouquets, Alumines and Ros'Os will bring a festive touch to the streets of Cergy-Pontoise for the 4th Lumieres d'Hiver. The occasion to also present for the 1st time our new creation the Chandelier. Come discover our installations from December 15 to January 1st!


Saint Raphaël

  tilt luminaires st raphael

Back to the Jardin Bonaparte for the Christmas celebrations of St Raphael. We are proud to introduce our new light, the Chandelier, along with our other lights Herbum, Ros'O and Lily of the valley. Wishing you a nice festive season!


Fééries d'hiver Valence

tilt luminaires valence

Happy to be back to Valence for the Feeries d'hiver 2018! Peonies, Butterfly Tree and Pockets will bring colours and poetry to the city from December 8 to January 6!


Fête des Lumières

tilt fete Lumières Lyon luminaire geant

For the Fête des Lumières de Lyon 2018, our Asteras will warmly welcome the travellers of Saint Exupery airport from December 6 to January 10.



  tilt luminaires biarritz

Lampshade Bouquets and Peonies will be displaying their colourful lights during Biarritz en lumieres from December 22 to January 6, don't miss it out!.



tilt luminaires shanghai lumiere

First visit to Shanghai for TILT and we're bringing a bouquet of coloured Peonies for the occasion! LUMIERES Shanghai is taking place at the Hub mall from November 27 to January 13 in Shanghai, CN.

Edinburgh (UK)

tilt luminaires edinburgh

The delicate lights of our Carbonium and Lilly of the Valley will shine in the magical Royal Botanical Garden of Edinburgh for Christmas at the Botanics from 23rd November to 29th December.


Christmas at ZSL  (UK)

tilt luminaires london zoo

Our crazy Lampounettes wanted to have some fun and sneaked into a zoo to display their colourful lights on the alleys. They will be visible from 22nd November to 1st January at ZSL London Zoo, UK.


Kew Gardens, Londres (UK)

tilt luminaires kew

A colourful installation of Peonies, Papyrus and Alumines and a stately alley of Dandelions to make the eyes shine and guide the public through the beautiful sceneries created at Kew Royal Botanical Garden for Christmas at Kew 2018, from November 22nd to January 5th in London, UK.



tilt facebook

Did you know we had a Facebook page ? If you’re interested in getting our latest news, follow us on our trips around the world, etc. then get connected with us ! Look for @tiltlumiere or tilt concepteurs lumière !



tilt le blog

Join us on our blog for original and offbeat news. Discover what goes on behind the scene, from the preparation of our installations to our new projects through set ups, tear down and other containers to be loaded...


the book

tilt book

Want to show or see all of our lights along with a couple technical info ? Then download the latest version of our portfolio (called ‘Book’ on the reference page of our site). ‘Little’ new ones should come along soon but we’ll let you know more in the next months !