Our know-how

Light as an artistic medium.
Creative freedom and the production of unique pieces in our workshop are the basis of our work.

Stage in the creation of a luminaire from the company Tilt lighting path designers
Luminaire created by Tilt designers of light pathways
Group of Lights created by Tilt designers of light pathways

From design to manufacture

From a small idea in the corner of our mind to the installation of our lights in a given space, TILT manages the entire creative process and imagines its own creations.
Each luminaire is first imagined and designed, then modeled in 3D to define the materials and carry out an engineering study.
This is followed by a prototype to validate aesthetic choices and check the reliability of the structure and its assembly process.
Each luminaire is then manufactured in our workshop in a limited number of units, which travel to our installations in France and abroad.

A multidisciplinary team

Lighting designer, engineer, logistician, welder, industrial draughtsman, production manager... A multi-skilled team that allows us to follow the entire creative process.

Manufacturing workshop

A 250 m2 workshop to work wood and steel, and supervise the construction of our lights on our premises, in partnership with local suppliers.


Each year, a new creation is added to our catalog of works to offer a diversity of installations.


More than 20 years' experience enables us to offer and monitor installations all over the world: Europe, Canada, Australia, Singapore, USA, Finland, UK, Spain, Arab Emirates, Russia, etc.

Lighting scenography

Lighting scenographies adapted to each project, where our Lights transform the space and bring it under a new light. We study each project independently to create a proposal adapted to the event and the space. Our lights are available for hire. Our team manages the installation and dismantling of our lights, and also takes care of logistics, both in France and abroad.

Light trail created by Tilt designers of light trails
Lighting Achievements
Architecture illuminated by the company Luminaire created by the company Tilt lighting path designers

Lighting design

We can help you imagine artistic projects using light, from simple advice on how to light an event, to the implementation of a complete artistic program, TILT adapts to your projects and requests. From analysis of the space, to the use of light to enhance the setting, to elaborate scenography, TILT imagines and designs each project to make the ordinary extraordinary through light and color, including creations by TILT as well as works by other artists selected by us.

Art Direction

Do you have a project in mind?