Light art

Anemonia luminaire created by Tilt designers of light pathways
Light trail created by Tilt designers of light trails

Lighting installations

Illuminators, do-it-yourselfers and imaginative, the artists at TILT design and create large-scale Lights , somewhere between sculptures and street furniture. Inspired by nature or everyday objects, the objects invented by TILT form a surreal, dreamlike universe where poetry rubs shoulders with joie de vivre. TILT develops remarkable lighting installations and works on projects of all kinds: from public spaces to private spheres, for ephemeral events or permanent installations.

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Stage in the creation of a luminaire from the company Tilt lighting path designers
Luminaire created by Tilt designers of light pathways

Our expertise

From a small idea in the corner of your mind to the installation of our lights in a given space, TILT manages the entire creative process and imagines its own creations. We design and manufacture our Lights thanks to the expertise of our versatile team.

At the heart of our business

Tilt committed to the planet

Aware of the influence of our work on the environment and the need to preserve our planet and its resources, TILT has been committed for several years to a responsible approach aimed at limiting the impact of our creations and installations.

Group of Lights created by Tilt designers of light pathways

Design / manufacturing 

Our Lights products are made from durable materials (wood, aluminum, steel, etc.) to extend their lifespan.

Headlamps / bulbs 

Our structures are equipped with low-consumption, long-lasting spotlights or LED bulbs. 

Street lighting

We call for a reduction or shutdown of street lighting at our facility sites to reduce energy costs and enhance the value of the site.

Time of use

The lighting times of our installations can be defined to limit power consumption and reduce night-time light emissions.

A responsible approach
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Our news

Lightscape Melbourne

Lightscape Melbourne

A new light trail in the Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria with Lightscape Melbourne, to be discovered until August 4th!

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Printemps de Pérouges

Printemps de Pérouges

Our Butterfly Tree will be back at the Printemps de Pérouges festival from June 25 to 30! Come and enjoy this festive and musical event at the Château de Saint-Maurice de Rémens on the Ain plain.

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Our book

To see all our creations in pictures and in detail, don't forget to download the latest version of our portfolio!

Portfolio of the tilt group, designer of light trails