tilt light art safranumeriques amiens 2021 arts festival

We are happy to be part of the 5 years anniversary of Safra'Numériques in Amiens with our Papyrus. Installations and shows on new technologies and digital arts will be on display from October 19th to 23rd.


Les Promenades

tilt lumiere luminaire géant promenade pissenlits

A route through the city one can follow along or to be discovered while passing by...

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The escapes

tilt lumiere luminaire echappees colorisation

Smaller installations running over one to three days...

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tilt facebook

Did you know we had a Facebook page ? If you’re interested in getting our latest news, follow us on our trips around the world, etc. then get connected with us ! Look for @tiltlumiere or tilt concepteurs lumière !


the book

tilt book
Want to show or see all of our lights along with a couple technical info ? Then download the latest version of our portfolio (called ‘Book’ on the reference page of our site). ‘Little’ new ones should come along soon but we’ll let you know more in the next months !


Project management

tilt lumière direction artistique

TILT is now offering our services to guide you in developping your art project around light. Our mission range from consultancy services to share our artistic views on your event, to fully creating a light route with various light artists.



tilt le blog

Join us on our blog for original and offbeat news. Discover what goes on behind the scene, from the preparation of our installations to our new projects through set ups, tear down and other containers to be loaded...