Butterfly tree

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Butterfly tree

The butterfly tree is mischievous: it radiates all its splendor and spreads a soft glow of enchanted colors all around it. Attracted by the halo of this giant of light, dozens of brightly colored butterflies have taken refuge in its luminescent branches. They seem to be playing hide and seek to attract the attention of the curious. A carved wooden bench at the foot of this impressive luminaire invites passers-by to take a seat and daydream under the diffused light of the tree, where they can also admire the luminous ballet of the enchanted butterflies. The dynamic lighting offers a wide variety of colors and changing reflections. Appreciated from near and far, this extraordinary ensemble evokes a surreal, dreamlike world where nature transcends space.

Butterfly tree

The big colourful giant


Two elements available


Dynamic animation in colorful light sequences

Special features

Large circular bench at base


Large-scale structure: 11 metres high and a wingspan of over 13 metres

Butterfly tree

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